As you know every where you go their is rules to fallow.you may not understand them or even yet not like them.but reasons for all policys is for us as a site owners.we want to offer the best quality and respect for one another.we want to make sure that everything there is to be offer on our site is free of viruses or hacks.as for Pixiesimmers i want you to injoy the site and everything we have to offer but for the site to keep goin you must fallow this rules.

All item on Glama*Sims are created by me..they may be items that need other creators meshes.so i'll be providing direct links to that item mesh..

Links/Items:Do Not use our items links provided by MediaFire for you're own use.all items on MediaFire are protected and secure.any item provided by us on MediaFire are very restricted and if stollen will be credit as stolen property.you will be use as a hacker and their are laws that will be issue againts you.

Clothing/Hair:You're not allowed to offer my meshes with you're recolor.you must post a valid link back to Glama*Sims so you're downloader can get the original mesh.

Makeup/Genetics:You may included them with any of you're sims models on any free site. as long as there is a proper credit and a valid link back to Glama*Sims

Lots/Sims:You're Not allowed to Upload on you're or any other site.they're created for you're own use.you may use them on screenshot.

Build Mode:All items on this section are free for you to upload on any free site with any of you're houses or community lots.with proper credit and a valid link back to Glama*Sims.

Note:Is hard to be a creator..you have to focus on everything to be working fine..and the reason why im saying this is a lot of people ask me Why?"not share you're home with credit to you"and i want to let ya know that all lots on this site is just for you're own pleasure and not to be reupload anywhere with out my permission.

Stories/Movies:i'll be posting a site for it in the near future.so check out the site for more updates..

ScreenShots/Movies:You may use my items on any movie or screenshot you have done.you may Not offer my items.you may indid link them back to Glama*Sims for that item use on any of you're movies/screenshots.


Downloading: all Downloads are provided by Glama*Sims also by {MediaFire}&{BoxNet}the largest and greatest on file storage.some items will be linking you to a folder where the item is stored at..in the process you will be able to download the item.all items in this site are clean free of viruses and hacks.all items are pack in rar/zip/sims2pck files.to protect you and our site from any viruses and hacks..if you have any problems pleace contact me at glmsims@aol.com i'll attemp to it as soon as i heard about the problem.

How to Download From MediaFire:When You click on the link of the item.you will be directed to that item folder at that point the download is bein process{Example}"You Have Requested 125 Sim Lane"Processing Item Requested/Click here for item to start Downloading)is so simple.than you will get the download box click save and save it somewhere in you're computer.and now you have a the item.

Sharing Info:You may use my creations for homes/sims/Screenshots.

Build Mode: are free for you to upload on any free site with any of you're houses or community lots with proper credit and a valid link back to Glama*Sims.

Clothing/Hair:You're Not Allowed to share my meshes.you indid may recolor but must link you're downloader to get the mesh here at Glama*Sims.

Lot's/Sims:Not Allowed to be Share!!they're made for you're own pleasure..you may use them for any screenshot's or movie you have made and give us credit/link back to us so they could download that item you have use.but DO NOT OFFER THEM!!

Makeup/Genetics:You may included them on any of you're sims.with of curse proper credit and a valid link back to us at Glama*Sims

Stories/Movies:Coming Soon!!

Installing custom content:After downloading and opening the .zip or .rar file. Place the included .package files to:
C:\Documents and Settings\...\My Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\Downloads.{For items} not for clothing or any other body shop you must open up C:\Documents and Settings\...\My Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\SavedSims.

Installing Homes & Full Sims:After you download the .rar file. Double click to open (or right click to extract). There will be a .sims2pack file inside. Double click on the .sims2pack file. This will open up The Sims package installer which will install the house or Sim for you.

Useful Needed Programs:WinRAR - You'll need this in order to open .rar files.
Colour Options Enabler (CEP) -By:Numenor@MTS2- This is an small add-on that will allow objects to have additional color options in the game.
Sims2Pack Clean Installer - Allows you to see exactly what's inside a .sims2pack file. Very helpful when installing homes and full Sims/Walls/Floors.

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